The Main Idea to Create Appsumo

The tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business.

Why Do You Need Appsumo?

In basic terms, AppSumo is a daily bargains site that is specifically for digitally delivered goods and services. Believe Groupon but with an online B2B spin.

There are two ways to use AppSumo. Businesses that sell digital products or services can associate with AppSumo to offer their services or products at deep discounts so as to attract more customers and get them to test out their offerings and possibly become recurring customers.

On the other side, entrepreneurs can also browse through the different offers available on the site in order to find affordable, or sometimes even complimentary, services or products which may help them grow their companies. There are items like video editing solutions, job management systems, and even social media tools available.

Lets Understand the Working of Appsumo?

In order to ease these prices, AppSumo must partner with electronic product sellers and service suppliers that are willing to provide their products and services at highly discounted rates. In order to make it worth their time, AppSumo distributes information about every deal to its vast online audience in order to facilitate a great deal of sales very fast. Essentially, AppSumo's distribution electricity makes it possible for all these companies to make a large number of revenue very quickly, which makes those tremendous discounts worthwhile for your supplier. Then AppSumo also requires some of those sales to support its operations as well.

For buyers, you can subscribe to get new deals in your inbox or simply browse available deals on the site. When you see a deal that appeals to you, simply follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Sellers can place a certain number of deals they wish to make accessible, so once it is sold out, you can't get it anymore.

What Are the Benefits?

For companies that are trying to buy digital products or services, the advantages of AppSumo are pretty obvious. You can get discounts of around 95 percent from an assortment of online sellers and service suppliers. Therefore, if you're looking for, say, a new accounting software and can't afford to cover a major upgrade, you are able to keep your eye on the site in order to take advantage of a bargain which fits with this particular need.
For those partners that actually offer products and services on the website, the advantages are somewhat more complex. Not every digital company can always afford to provide such deep discounts on services and products, or would feel compelled to do so. But if your business needs a bit of a fast influx of money or wishes to reach more customers quickly so as to demonstrate the advantages of a product or service, then offering discounts with AppSumo can potentially be a worthwhile promotion. The company can help you reach more prospective buyers than you would on your own, because it has over 700,000 active subscribers. And the discount offers them an incentive to purchase right away, since you may also set a specific number of deals you are eager to offer before it stands out in the price.

Hot Deals

Life Time Deals
Starting From $1 to $3,999.9

The best part about the deals offered by AppSumo is that, you get lifetime access to the products, meaning you just need to pay once for a software that follows a monthly subscription model. In other words, with AppSumo, you’ll never have to pay full price for business software again.

No Cost at All

If we just described you, we're happy to clear things up. :)

A freebie is an awesome offer, it's a FREE product!

Free?! You read that correctly. 

Community Marketplace
Latest Deals

AppSumo Marketplace is a new online space to highlight hustlers and products from our community and beyond!

Briefcase by AppSumo

An all-in-one toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups that includes over 30 tools to grow your business.

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